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3 Seedlings in 4" Pots


seedlings, each in a 4" pot

Days to Maturity: 40 days
Soil: Fertile soil that drains well
Sun & Water: Full sun and light water for baby plants. As your plants grow older you can increase watering.
Pests & Diseases: Watch out for basil blight.

Transplanting: Dig a hole the size of the travel pot. Remove the plant from its travel pot and place in the hole. Cover with soil.
Spacing: Plant your seedlings 12" apart.

When the plant is 6-8" tall, you can start plucking off the leaves. At temperatures over 80 degrees, basil will really start leafing out. Make sure to continue to pull leaves off the plant to encourage growth.

Varieties May Include: Prospera 

Here's what to expect

This purchase includes 3 individual seedlings, each in its own 4" travel pot. When they arrive, unpack them, stand them up, and lightly touch the top of the soil to check the moisture level. Water until the soil is moist but not drenched.

For the first 2 days, let the seedlings acclimate to the sun and fresh air in their travel pots outdoors. Give them 4-6 hours of sunlight and then place them in the shade for the remainder of the day. Check in on your seedlings every day to make sure their soil remains moist. Follow the transplanting instructions above when your seedling is ready for its new home.